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Fire Masterclass

The proposal was to create a MASTERCLASS for serious foodies looking for an adventurous and MEMORABLE sensory experience. To focus around a FIRE - from grilling, fire pits, BBQ, pit masters, meat, butchering and CHEFS who DIG it all...

"Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has enjoyed a unique partnership with Bright Young Things over the past two Festivals (2012 and 2013) in successfully delivering our latest Gastronomy product within our MasterClass series. The event is an outdoor Masterclass designed specifically for the enthused food lover who is keen to be in the know with food trends and unique cooking techniques in the outdoor elements.

Bright Young Things has delivered each year above and beyond their duties and Festivals expectations showing their committment to investing in the growth of the Festival and in turn contributing to the development of the Victorian hospitality industry."

Fern Barrett

Melbourne Food and Wine

Strategic Program Manager